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CaroleX: And the Egyptian fuck

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SEE THE PHOTOS THAT GO WITH THIS ENCOUNTER It’s very rare that I don’t see in advance an opportunity to have sex and I’m then surprised when it occurs. In fact, before I was married if any guy showed the slightest interest in me we’d usually end up fucking - which, if you’ve read my profile you will know. But on this occasion it really did take me by surprise. We were a few days into our holiday in Egypt and had enjoyed a day of snorkelling and sailing locally. After dinner we met up with a number of the people who had also been on the boat and we were later joined by a few of the loca… Read more

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The Prank


Liz Button was an attractive woman, unmarried and now aged 40. She had blond hair to her collar and a very pleasant slim figure with ample breasts and very nice personality. It was now summer 1965 and she lived in the town of Beachside. One day she was in the library when she stopped in her tracks. “Oh, I say, Miss Haywood, isn’t it?” A sprightly lady in her late 70s stopped and glared at this pretty, mature woman. Then her gaze softened. “Ah, yes, it’s…sorry, you’ll have to remind me…but Button maybe?” Liz realised she was known and recognised and knew why or at least had a good idea. “… Read more

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Tail of Mina, Katie, Alfie and Mickey pt3


I should have known better. I thought the boys had had enough excitement. But their sap was still rising. John has arranged two arm chairs alongside each other, about a metre apart. Dave took me by the collar and chain and half dragged me to one of the chairs where he sat I I knelt. Harry did likewise with Mina, who followed his lead (her lead I guess). Men love that feeling of power and me, and I could see Mina was the same, was happy to be controlled, added to the fun. I watched as John brought out two spreader bars, one for me and one for Mina. I watched as Harry fasten the cuffs over Mina’… Read more

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The birthday present


I tucked the present birthday inside the dresser drawer turned out the bedroom lights except for a single bedside lamp then looked at my watch. Pauline would be home any minute now so I better take my place in our walk in robe. I’d been planning this night for several months and I was getting a bit nervous as I looked at my watch again. I heard the car pull up into the garage. This was it. There was no turning back now. My hands were shaking as I heard them come in and walk down the hallway to the lounge room. There was laughter and muffled talk as I sat in the walk in robe and waited. The h… Read more

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My Sexual Journey – Part 4 (Classmate’s Roommate)

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I and my classmate harushi (“HARUSHI” is real name of "cumonmesus”) were under the shower, tired and relaxed. My dick was slowly getting smaller and it was crushed against harushi ’s big ass. Then suddenly I remembered that I had not worn a condom. I got scared and turned harushi around. Me: We did it without a condom! What to do now?! I was so scared and was looking at her face. We were under the shower naked and she was looking so beautiful. She did not say anything but just laughed. Me: Why are you laughing? What if you get pregnant?! harushi : You are so cute, haha. She kissed… Read more

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The party... part 2

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We sat and watched the goings on around the room. Janet was riding one guy; another was behind her up her bum by the looks of it and she was sucking another. Gary was playing with 2 women. There were people all over in different states of undress, some watching some playing and everyone looking like they were having a great time. A couple who were watching walked over to us and introduced themselves as Elizabeth and Richard. They were a couple in their late 30’s early 40’s both good looking. May we borrow Kay for a while they asked. Kay smiled and went with them to a vacant sofa. She sat… Read more

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Genesis Language


The captain squatted and masturbated (at the Lu Li community militia border station to take us to apply for work) This day, the captain took us to a militia border guard station in the Lu Li community to apply for security (I am a ghost, night visit widows do not cry, it is helpless, out of the wild. Lu Xian cover me, the blind line, one day, prosperous wealth high, horizontal criticism, white food and white clothes poor. ) Chang Shiquan-Magic Team Leader A Field Belongs to Niu, this year 48 years old, microsignal (wxid_ja3… Read more

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Tail of Mina dogging with Alfie


Quite a few of you wondered what happened with Mina, from the previous tale. Now Mina’s husband wanted her to give it a go, he had loved watching me and he wanted his beloved to have the same. He asked Harry for some advice on how he might persuade her and Harry said that it was everyone’s cup of tea. Steve, Mina’s hubby said that she was scared of being hurt and that the last bit looked weird. But, she was turned on about the idea. Harry offered to have a word with Mina. Steve wasn’t too keen because Harry had banged Mina hard that night and she seemed to have really enjoyed it, too much. Y… Read more

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Brown Lust


Vickram Dutt, or Vick for short, was born in Vancouver, Canada, but his background was Indian. In terms of physique he was tall and muscular, a build he had acquired from all his time spent working out at the gym or at home. With fair brown skin and short black hair, Vick had a handsome face and figure; his dark brown eyes and strong jaw completed the striking portrait. Just last month he had celebrated his nineteenth birthday, and he was currently on his summer break after having completed the first year of university. Life had been great for Vick except for one problem: he was still a virgi… Read more

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Give me your cum

Gay MaleFirst Time

I see you sitting there. You seem shy. You seem... new. Like you've never even been to a place like this before. Like you've never been with a guy before. Like it's making you nervous, and maybe a bit scared. I take another sip of my drink and decide I need something tastier. I decide I'm going to help you feel comfortable here. Or maybe somewhere else, somewhere much more comfortable. So I approach. "Hey man." I start. "You alone tonight?" A quick nod. Okay, that's what I was looking for. Let's do this. I take another sip of my drink. "Hmm, but you don't want to be alone do you?" I ask. I see… Read more

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Daily masturbation


I'm in bed naked, and I started getting sexual thoughts like I usually do...cuz im a dirty girl who is horny all the time...literally every single day, several times a day I get wet from my thoughts and my panties get so wet, that I have to even change my underwear couple times a day... I was imagining getting licked by a random hookup, and the guy is eating me like a nice and smooth...I was grabbing his head as he was eating me … sometimes I would move his head the way I wanted to, to hit the right spots...he started to push his tongue in my pussy, it felt so good, I was almost… Read more

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my friends wife...


This happened 5 years ago. I was at home for a fortnight having a break, I had a driver working my truck and he was competent enough to be left alone and do his own thing, so I had plenty of time just to relax and enjoy myself going fishing and visiting friends etc. I would call over and have coffees with a couple I had known for a long time in fact the husband was a friend of mine from a long way back, he had on occasion had sex with me when he had been drunk a few times and had stayed at my house and as it was just sex we kept it between ourselves. Both he and his wife know I am gay and acce… Read more

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Black Market


I've never really cared much about what society says is legal. If it's profitable, I'm down. Don't get me wrong, I have rules and scruples. I'm just a completely dedicated capitalist. If people want it, I'll try to find it and sell it to them. I don't sell people. I don't kill people for money, I'm rarely violent unless someone else is, and I don't steal from people that don't steal from me. I sell i*****l things, all sorts of things. I'm not averse to selling people pharmaceuticals if they want to me… Read more

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Our Honeymoon, But NO PUSSY for the New Hubby!

Interracial SexVoyeurFirst Time

The day after I married the love of my life, we flew to our honeymoon destination in the Bora Bora, French Polynesia. Janet and I chose a small honeymoon resort because we were on a limited budget. When we arrived, the place looked old and a little run down but we could care less. Both of us couldn’t wait until we got to our room to relax after the long tiring trip. We went to the front desk to check in and we received our complimentary honeymoon package. The clerk gave us our keys and directions to our secluded cabin. We easily found our cabin as it was the last one on the left around the… Read more

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True Friendship Part 5 Finale


Bryce came quickly towards me, holding his cell phone. I had just got a text from Reef that was not supposed to happen, except on our date/sex days to confirm stuff. That was all the contact we were to have. Bryce announced that Reef had just texted him and I could see that he wasn’t pleased with this breach of rules. His text was the same as mine, “I need to talk to you!” The both of our phones went off at the same time.... another text. The text was asking both me and my husband to be present, so Reef could talk to both of us together. It must be a big deal because we had agreed to keep… Read more

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The Library, part 2

TabooHardcoreGroup Sex

Library, Part 2 Once again, I am just an amateur writer. I particularly hate editing my work too. So I’m sorry if there are too many mistakes. I get ideas and then go with them. When I woke that next morning, I was both relaxed and stressed. I knew that I was going to have to go back and go through that ordeal again. I went about my day as normally as I could. I worked, I came back home, and then ent my girlfriend off to work. She is a bartender for now and she always worked Thursday, Friday and Saturdays. The rest of the time she was also in school, but getter her undergrad. As the evening… Read more

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2 + 1= 3 Happy Fuckers Part 2

HardcoreGroup Sex

So I invited Martin over on my next weekend off. Sarah treated him to one of her lovely special meals though I think she was planning to savour his special cream for after s. Once we,d let the supper settle over after dinner drinks it was time to dig out my one well worn hard core pornographic video I owned. Well worn it still depicted some not so well acted scenarios that were nonetheless hot and arousing. Here one had normal heterosexual couples swinging with each other naturally of course even to the point where the girls Ate each other and the guys sucked each other off in a full sixty nin… Read more

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The Story Of Roger Part 4


Roger spent the rest of the evening with a big smile on his face, he was really loving life in his new home having little secrets with all three of his lovely neighbours, Ella loves the attention and knows the effect she has on both they guys, Ollie was full of testosterone and Sam was in need of adult company and has her own needs. Nobody was complaining least of all Roger who at 65 and 35 years of banging the same hole was starting to get variety, he was fast learning a whole new lifestyle. Roger slept well and woke up feeling refreshed wondering what exciting things the day would bring, he… Read more

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The Dress (It takes two)


This is my own work, and copyrighted as such. No attempt should be made to copy or redistribute in any form on any other site. What follows is a mix of truth and poetic licence. Enjoy. Cathy was one of my bar staff. I say bar - more of a lunchtime and after work social club. An escape from the drudge of the office life. I never knew why she volunteered, it didn't suit her person. Cathy was a bit geeky. Almost 30, so five or six years my junior. Shortish naturally ebony hair, quite thick rimmed glasses which didn't help her looks with her large chin and remnants of teenage acne. And she was fa… Read more

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Black Market

MatureFirst Time

I've never really cared much about what society says is legal. If it's profitable, I'm down. Don't get me wrong, I have rules and scruples. I'm just a completely dedicated capitalist. If people want it, I'll try to find it and sell it to them. I don't sell people. I don't kill people for money, I'm rarely violent unless someone else is, and I don't steal from people that don't steal from me. I sell i*****l things, all sorts of things. I'm not averse to selling people pharmaceuticals if they want to me… Read more

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