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QVC Julia: The Affair Part 6 - Revenge of the Mrs


QVC Julia: The Affair Part 6 – Revenge of the Mrs From the view of the Mrs. As I closed my hotel door and walked across the corridor to open her door, the anger was still there, but what had surprised me was how turned on I was. Ever since I watched that video and Charlie and Claire, and even bought some lingerie. I felt different somehow. I’d even bought a tool kit and was turned on about what I was going to do with. When I entered the room, I was very quiet. I could hear Julia resting, she was just round a slight corner, so I was out of sight but no more than 5 metres away from that bitch w… Read more

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Fat women are much better lovers


For those that know me or are getting to know me, they will know that I am extremely attracted to fat women; women who have curves and hourglass figures; women who are busty and have a bit of a stomach; women who are thick. Some people like to ask me why? This is how I generally respond to them: There is something that is inherently sexy about the curves of a woman. Curves make a woman more full and more feminine. Whenever I see a sexy, fat woman, I always imagine what it would be like to simply hold her full, thick body in my arms. They also give this illusion of security, especially if t… Read more

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QVC Julia: The Affair Part 5 - Revenge of the Mrs


Enough was enough for me. For years I had put up with it, and let the jealousy and anger build up, but what I saw tonight was enough. I had to get my revenge on her. Julia had worked with Dale, my partner, for over a decade and I had met her on numerous occasions, alongside some of the fellow presenters and background staff. It was clear she thought highly of herself and was head presenter, she had been there the longest, but she just seemed to control what went on. I could tell she was not well liked by the females but was adored by the males. Julia was very glamourous and always had to l… Read more

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The Third Time

Gay Male

I have written about my first and second gay sex encounters with my best friend. I was 13 and he was 11. The third time was memorable because it was the first time we had a place to do it and plenty of time. We could both be naked - finally - and we were 99.9% certain that nobody would show up at his house until at least 2 hours after we got there. Being together in his bedroom and knowing that we had two or more hours to do new and thrilling things to and with each other, and with almost zero risk of being caught, made us both let ourselves go completely. We took a shower together to get ou… Read more

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The Magic Bedroom 2

Lesbian SexMasturbationHardcore

Alice flopped on the bed, exhausted by the weight of her new flesh. “I’ve waited so long to see you and you just sleep,” said Lucinda sulkily. Alice grunted. “I’ve so much to ask, you’ve so much to tell me. Do you like your new body? Francesca was physically blessed but I wish it was all you, but I feel your spirit in there, I feel so close to you and I’m getting nothing back.” Alice, head full of white noise, did not wish to seem ungrateful for Lucinda’s dexterous occult resurrection of her but the whiny sense of entitlement was needling her. She was no longer the hick, albeit one possessed o… Read more

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Au pair girl adventures


My name is Ruth, a 22-year old former au pair. I have always considered myself conservative and shy. I never imagined that one day I would engage in any activities that are remotely scandalous. Up to the time I left for overseas to work as an au pair and study part time, I had only slept with my high school sweetheart, Paul. He was my everything and we made vows on my departure that we would marry when I came back. However, fate had other plans. Beautiful nude sexy girl in innocent pose… Read more

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Young and Hard Help - Part II

First TimeMatureHardcore

After his giggle, Shannon said "I think there's a lot that I can help you with..." with a slight lisp and another wink... I was about ready to grab his lithe little body like a rag doll, flip him over and shove Mr. Happy back into his home in Shannon's (now) worn out asshole, when I heard a voice in the distance... "Shannon!! You out here?" "Shannon?" it cried out again, sounding a little closer, and also feminine... "Shit! It's my sister! It must be way past one o'clock and my parents probably sent her out to find me...They're a little too much!!" he said exasperated as he tried to get h… Read more

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Juggling Daddies

Shemale PornInterracial SexFetish

Juggling Daddies... I woke up bright and early with a headache and dried cum pasted in my hair and on my long eyelashes. I was in my typical sleeping outfit, my lacey purple thong n short Mindless Self Indulgence tshirt.. my head ached.. I turned over in bed and found myself face to face with a thick cut cock.. still soft, but wide and welcoming. I drank too much the night before. Daddy loves his drink. And his smoke. Without thinking, I open wide and put the head of the juicy cock in my mouth. Daddy immediately stirs in his sleep. His big belly sways as he moans. He's still out cold.… Read more

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Juggling two Daddies

Gay MaleInterracial SexShemale Porn

Juggling Daddies... I woke up bright and early with a headache and dried cum pasted in my hair and on my long eyelashes. I was in my typical sleeping outfit, my lacey purple thong n short Mindless Self Indulgence tshirt.. my head ached.. I turned over in bed and found myself face to face with a thick cut cock.. still soft, but wide and welcoming. I drank too much the night before. Daddy loves his drink. And his smoke. Without thinking, I open wide and put the head of the juicy cock in my mouth. Daddy immediately stirs in his sleep. His big belly sways as he moans. He's still out cold.… Read more

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Phil, picked up at a bar

AnalVoyeurInterracial Sex

That night Ana said she was in the mood for being a slut at the bar… So, after dinner, she went upstairs to get ready, as I finished some paperwork from my office. Once in the parking lot, my sexy wife told me she would go first… I gave her a couple of minutes and then I went into the bar. The place was dark and smoke filled. I spotted my sensual babe was already perched up on a bar stool. I sat down close to her; with a couple men between us. Very soon, a tall black guy approached Anita and began a conversation. My wife turned to face him and spread her thighs a bit. I was sure the black… Read more

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A wild blowjob after breakfast


I had too many paperwork to finish by myself; so I asked some help from my good office mate Ralph and he said we could go home to be more comfortable and focus our attention to the job. It sounded fine; so we went home and worked in my studio, while my sweet Ana got dinner ready for later. We enjoyed a delicious meal and then again, Ralph and I went back to the paperwork. Around midnight we laughed, saying we could stop and rest. So I invited Ralph to spend the night in the guest room, so we could continue working in the morning… After a nice breakfast served by Anita, we all sat down in th… Read more

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The rugby team in the showers

AnalMatureGroup Sex

I was horny that week, since I was home alone. I had masturbated several times during those days, but nothing seemed enough to me to calm down my craving for cock. I called my beloved hubby who was in a not so far city, telling him I needed his thick cock and I needed it as soon as possible. Victor told me I should be patient, since his boring business trip was taking him more time than expected… On Saturday morning I went to the gym; a bit of workout would cool off my arousal for cock… I had purchased some new tight gym Spandex pants. I put it on and looked myself in the mirror, noticing if… Read more

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Group SexTabooVoyeur

CHAPTER 28: A DAY WITH JULI What a weekend! Nikki loved those weekends alone with Joe, especially when he got intent on making it memorable and very special for them both when they have been distracted over something. And Joe was great at that. He had a devious mind that could put Nikki into any number of sexually charged situations that they would both love. And that is what Joe accomplished over the past weekend. After several days of being taken over by a small film crew commissioned to video tape an instructional… Read more

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Anita playing with a sexy stripper

MatureVoyeurLesbian Sex

That evening I had tickets for a rock concert at a local theater. My sensual wife got dressed in front of me, as my cock began to ache in my trousers. Ana had decided to wear a very tight tiny dress that fit her like a second skin and barely covered her butt. I reached down the hem and found that she had not a thong on. She laughed, saying it would be a lucky night for her. The rock concert was fine; but I had to get on eye over my sexy wife, fearing that any man there could fuck her in the middle of the crowd. But Ana looked to behave like a good girl tonight. Once we get our car, Ana noti… Read more

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Fucking A Virgin Girl At Office

First Time

Hello friends, how are you? I am Raghav and i am a web designer. I wanted to share an experience of mine which happened during my profession job. myself, age 24, from Warangal, Telangana, very fair, tall and handsome. I work in a small marketing agency. Today I am narrating one sex incident of my life here; when I had sex with a virgin office girl. Friends, who are associated with marketing agency know about agency ambience. Mostly sexy and hot girl used to get job easily in marketing agencies. They are good sales girls and imp… Read more

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Group SexTabooVoyeur

CHAPTER 1: MOM AND DAD The days following their return from their honeymoon was a blur of trying to adjust to a ‘normal’ life work, family, and how their new life fits into that. I spent much of the next few evenings letting Cody re-establish his familiarity and comfort with me as again being part of the family and my lover. I wanted him to regain his familiar expectation of mating when I was available, which was defined in our relationship as whe… Read more

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My first wife, Part 5

TabooHardcoreInterracial Sex

James knelt between my wife's splayed thighs and lay his semi-hard cock on top of her pussy, his heavy balls basically covering her opening. His cock, where not fully hard, lay over her lower tummy and reached all the way up to just above her belly-button, almost to the bottom of her rib cage. And he wasn't even fully hard! "Oh Babygirl" said Tanya, who was still grinding her pussy on my wife's face, yet facing James, "Daddy's getting ready to fuck you.... You lucky little white bitch." Tanya sat up more and she and James kisses, tonguing each other's mouth as my wife continued to lap at Tan… Read more

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Mmf bisexual threesome

Gay MaleAnalFirst Time

I was 35 white male bi curious recently seperated. We had met on a yahoo chatroom, they were Tony and Lisa. He was 26 Puerto Rican bisexual and she was 19 white Bbw. We had arranged to meet one night at a local club and they had a room across the street for us to get together at after. We had a drink and decided to move to the room. Once inside I removed my pants and lay on the bed. They were both a little surprized but ok with it. Lisa was a pretty brunette with a huge ass, Tony was short and atractive. Lisa went to the bathroom for some primping and Tony pulled out his large 8" cock. I jumpe… Read more

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My wife at the car wash (fantasy)

First TimeInterracial SexMature

In the mid 90s my job transferred me to Atlanta form Indianapolis to Atlanta, my wife had just gotten out of an abusive marriage in her late 30s and we were then living together but not yet married. My company put us in a hotel until we sold our condo up there and could buy something in Georgia. I was working nights and had to sleep days. She was bored so she decided to go to a nearby self service car wash to wash her car, There were some apartments next to the car wash and she happened to notice a teenage black boy watching her form a balcony of one of the apartments as she was washing her c… Read more

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Pretty Wife Shows

MatureVoyeurLesbian Sex

My pretty wife joined me in the hotel lounge for drinks. She was wearing a stunning Little Black Dress, very short with her hard nipples clearly visible through the sheer top of the dress. Obviously, it was going to be an interesting night in Vegas! Braless, no less! She had many admirers, with her short dress hiked up, setting at a high-top table. After more than a couple cocktails, she said she was ready to head to the dance club. We slid into a taxi, and were off to the club. I couldn't help but notice that the taxi driver got a good glimpse up her short dress, as she moved across the seat… Read more

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