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I am 24 years old, but I started my sex life earlier than most girls. I will not say at what age, if not this report can be considered a testimony of a crime !! We are not going to talk about pedophilia or crap here, because there are girls of that age who get up at 6 am to go to work, and in those cases, no one raises a finger against it. Much less the parents, who often exploit them by force. In spite of the pita, at the time I already had the body of a woman, and I realized that the older men messed with me in a bold and sexual way. Mouths of the type "ate you all", or "with that little bod… Read more

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Lilliswet photo model from Belgium and Turkey

Group Sex

I was in a hurry. My boss wanted quick presentation photography of his products presented by a young brunette girl, but not something too expensive. I took our usual photographer and rent a photo studio in town. There are 3 studios there, 1 big an 2 small. We took a small one. A friend presented me a lovely Turkish girl one month earlier. She pretended being a model. I decided to give her a chance. She was pretty good at the job. And products looked great with her. In the next studio there was another shooting of an African country's ambassy about tourism in Senegal I think. At lunch time we a… Read more

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First time in a theater

First TimeVoyeurHardcore

So our lives continued normally , we continued our role playing, when weekend planning came up, i would often suggest going to a swinger club in babylon, just to check it out...... to watch, and she would say she didnt want to. I had become aware of a video store on route 109 that had been posting on craigslist about how many couples were in their "theater" the night before. I got the impression that it was a hopping place. About mid week, Mila wanted me to go to her sisters place for a barbeque. I dont like her sister, or her husband and i really didnt want to go. She is very aware of that, b… Read more

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Roommate’s Girlfriends 21st Birthday

Group SexTaboo

It was our Senior year in college and 6 of us were living off campus in a 3 story house a few blocks from campus. Five of us had been friends since living in the dorms together freshman year. My bedroom was on the top floor right next to my best friend Scott, Jeff and Tim were across the hall with a bathroom at the end of the hall. Scott started dating Jenny the end of our freshman year. She was a gorgeous little, fit blonde: 5’ 4”, blue eyes, shoulder length hair and the most rocking body. He was on the rugby team; she played all four years on the soccer team. They worked out together all th… Read more

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fucked by neighbors

AnalGroup SexLesbian Sex

When I met that nice and delicious couple, I was far from imagining the delightful adventures that awaited me. My name is Lígia and I would like to share with you the best night of sex I have ever had. Jacinto is the name of the man with whom I share my apartment. I like him. He is a hardworking, honest, caring man, etc. But this is not enough for a fiery woman like me - because he in bed does not satisfy my desires and fetishes in the slightest, so I see him as a good friend only. I am frustrated with his early orgasms, because he is satisfied, and I am not. I have already advised you to buy… Read more

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CFNM SPH Forced Nudity School 18+ (Chapter Two)


The next school day begins. After yesterday's humiliation I was trying to keep a low profile now more than ever. I had not yet seen the girls from yesterday and nobody seemed to be reacting with anything other than indifference to my presence, which was the norm. My first class goes uneventfully, towards the end the teachers asks me to deliver a note to a teacher in another classroom. As I was trying to keep a low profile this was an inconvenience but I had no choice, something I was quickly becoming accustomed to. I deliver the note to the teacher, who thankfully is not teaching a class a… Read more

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Master 1adamrobb’s morning of torment!


I was home alone horny, as normal, but my little things in its cage. Whilst my wife doesn’t approve of my chastity cage I wear it as often as I can, I know being a sissy cucked hubby should be caged and not allowed to play with its little thingy so I now hide the keys in her handbag and when she goes off to work for the day I lock it on. Truly locked up until I can retrieve the keys once she is home. It makes me feel extra submissive! I then got out a butt plug and pushed it in feeling it stretch my sissy hole always gets me feeling so naughty and put on a black lace thong to hold it in and sl… Read more

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You Suck Cock PT2

FetishInterracial Sex

The next day after sucking off Freeze and taking Dante's huge black dick, I went back to my apartment thinking about that party and how exciting it had been to be around those large cocks. I am not sure but I believe it was two weeks later on a Saturday, I was at the next home game watching Dante play basketball and I remember he had a pretty good game even though I can't remember how many points he scored. As soon as the game ended, one of the team managers came up to my seat in the cheer section and told me that Dante wanted me to come over that night around 12:00 pm and gave me a note with… Read more

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slut tina part 4

AnalFetishGroup Sex

Its been 2 months since I meet Tyrone at the casino and he has changed my life forever. He has turned me into a total nympho for BBC. I cant get enough BBC cock. One is not enough anymore I have to have 3 or more to satisfy me. He has been setting me up with bachelor parties with 6 to 10 guys usually black and I dance for them and strip and then the fun begins. I get fucked for 6 to 8 hours then go home and get fucked by my next door neighbor and his 3 friends. I call them when Im on my way home from a party and they are always there to take care of my needs. I decided to go visit my husband… Read more

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Cum Slut

Shemale Porn

“Suck him for me.” He said grabbing her hair and guiding her face down onto the tied man’s hard cock. “Suck him good and make me proud.” He whispered in her ear and she began to suck and lick him with great effort to please her master. Her master leaned close and watched the hard nine inch cock vanish into her greedy mouth. “Awwww…see? I knew you were such a good little cock sucker for me. Such a good little whore for me.” She looked at him and saw the arousal in his eyes watching her suck this man. The idea that she was being watched had always turned her on but, being forced to do it, his… Read more

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Cuck-Teaser: Sloppy-Seconds With Cum-Slut At Party


Cuck-Teaser: Sloppy-Seconds With Cum-Slut At Party Story No.6 WARNING: This story incorporates strong cuckold themes, including having sloppy-seconds with horny, cum-slut at a party. Please don't read if squeamish. In the past, I used to crave a bit of humiliation and would do some quite degrading things for kicks. I thought I'd compile a list of the 10 most depraved/pervy things I've done and write a short story about them each and post them on xhamster. The list: 10. Drank a girl-racer's piss-puddle from the floor of the car park. 9. Wanked off in a used-condom after watch… Read more

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New Orleans Conference fishing trip.

Group SexInterracial SexVoyeur

New Orleans - The fishing trip By Barbara This paragraph summarizes part 1 of my New Orleans Conference. Monday morning began the meetings till early afternoon then free time until the Awards Dinner at 5. I received two of the three awards my branch won and afterwards my group hung out in the bar drinking and some dancing. I was unaware of a “black light” causing my long yellow dress to appear as a very transparent veil allowing my tits and pussy to be easily seen through my sheer sexy undergarments. Later, whether this had an effect or not, our friendly penny-ante poker game turned into a fr… Read more

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Easy Load Wali Aunty

First Time

Hi Readers first of all Assalam-O-Alaikum! kaise hain umeed kerta hoon ke aap sub kharayat se hoon ge.main urdu stories ka aik boht zayada reader hon aur urduurdu per her aok story prhi hoi hai aur sub kee sub boht heeeee zaberdast hain.ab main aap ka introduction apne bare main kerwana chahta hoon.My name is Adnan(spouse)and i am 19yrs old hoon aur student(edge) hoon and live in Lahore. Story ke taraf chalne pehle main aap ko batana zaroori samajhta hoon ke ye story real nahin hai balke ye mere mind ke compose kee hoi hai.Urdu stories perh perh ke mere munn main khayal aaya ke Adnan tu bhi w… Read more

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CFNM SPH Forced Nudity School 18+ (Chapter One)


Introduction: The following events took place during my senior year at high school, shortly after I turned eighteen. Looking back, these experiences helped shape my sexuality and have become erotically charged in my memory, but at the time all I was able to feel was fear, shock and humilation. The high school I attended was at one point an all girl's school, but sometime before my attendance they had started admitting male students, although the majority of the student population as well as the teaching staff remained female. For the most part I was a painfully shy and avoided attr… Read more

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French fuck - Part 1

Group SexHardcoreMature

All right, I guess it was my fault, as it was my idea that got us into the situation that ended with me getting fucked by a complete stranger and both of us experiencing sex that we had never had before. No longer in our youth we prefer restful holidays in the warm. This time we were in the south of France as Billy was going to retire before long and we were considering buying a holiday home in the area. We were staying in a very nice hotel out of town and while it had its own pool it was only a short walk through the sand dunes to a lovely sandy beach which we much preferred. Our room was in… Read more

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Wanted her, it got him. Part 3

Gay MaleFirst Time

With the young man who’s cock I had just tasted and cum I had just swallowed, back outside and waiting for the girls to come back home. I felt a warm glow come over me. Nothing had been more exciting, nothing more erotic. Although I was much older than D, it was still my first time for both of those amazing things. Then again, this had been just a few hours of many, incredible firsts for me. With the taste of his sperm in my mouth and the smell of it on my face, I went upstairs to my room and closed the door. Immediately I st… Read more

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The teen virgin next door

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

Less than a week had passed since my neighbor, Tom, and I had given his wife Robin the experience of a lifetime. I hadn’t spoken to Tom since that night, but his wife seemed to make it a point to be outside whenever I was getting the mail, coming back from a jog, or cleaning up something in the yard. She’d smile and give me a little wave with her hand, seemingly trying to be subtle. I also noticed their daughter, Jackie, looking at me through different windows of their house on a regular basis. Seemed a bit odd, I remember thinking, but I brushed it off. December 31st was suddenly upon us. My… Read more

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fun on xhampster


would you like me to write a little story for you? about how I would 'enjoy' being with you ? 13:15 o yes, you can do that 13:20 well I AM a very naughty old man ... and my pleasure is mostly about giving pleasure ... so the one with me cums first ... over and over again 13:22 I would undress you ... cuddle up to you ... hold you in my arms without any actual sex touching ... just a warm embrace ... with my head nuzzled up to your head 13:23 a warm breath across your ear ... then my tongue would flick out and just give a stab at your earlobe and then a warm lip slowly moving down the side of y… Read more

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AnalGroup SexHardcore

Once upon a time I was strictly a straight guy sexually. But as I grew older I was finding myself looking at the guys in porn more than before. Before, the porn I watched was strictly focused on pussy and ass! But more and more I started to notice and appreciate the size of the cocks and the sheer amount of cum some of them produced. Then I started watching an occasional BISEX porn piece and wondering how that would feel/taste. Then one day I was in bed with my gf at the time. I had her missionary and emptied my cum deep in her cunt! I pulled my cock out and asked her to suck me clean of her c… Read more

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sluttina 3

AnalGroup SexInterracial Sex

I was getting the hang of playing poker the guys said but I didnt know for sure. I was feeling really tipsy and Tyrone kept refilling my drink as soon as I got it half empty.I kept watching the porn as this little blond kept getting VERY large black cocks forced into all of her holes and she kept screaming in pleasure. My nipples were rock hard and I so wanted to pull on them. They needed some attention and you could smell my sex juices leaking from my hungry cunt. My thong was soaking wet and as my eyes focused on the game I saw the guys all smiling big grins because they could see and smell… Read more

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